Edfu (Arabic إدفو Atbô in Coptic) (ancient Béhédet or Djébaou the city of the Egyptian float Apollinopolis Magna in Greek) is a city in Upper Egypt. It was the Greeks who had identified the god Horus with Apollo who gave it the name of Apollinopolis Magna. It developed on the hill where was the ancient city of Behedet and where will develop later that of Apollinopolis Magna.

It is located on the west bank of the Nile in a region particularly rich in wheat at the outlet of the caravan tracks from the desert and the gold mines of Nubia. Between Aswan and Thebes it is 105 km south of it and 755 km from Cairo.

Temple of Edfu
Main article: Temple of Horus (Edfu).

The temple of Edfu
In -237 in the middle of the small town Ptolemy III Euergetes I built the temple of Horus a colossal building dedicated to the triad Horus Hathor and Harsomtous which will be completed in -57. It is still almost intact today it is one of the best preserved monuments of all antiquity. It is considered the classic Egyptian temple with an open courtyard surrounded by portico