Nubian Village Elephantine Island Aswan
The Nubian Village on Elephantine Island Aswan.

Egypt throughout its long and colorful history has hosted many different civilizations. Of course it goes without saying that the ancient Egyptians themselves were a fascinating civilization but there were others who were also fascinating at the time. Some of these ancient contemporaries still exist today including the people you will meet in the Nubian village.

The Nubians of ancient Egypt
The Nubians were an ethnic group from southern Egypt and northern Sudan which in the course of history began a number of settlements along the Nile. They were famous for their equestrian skills and impressive marksmanship with bows and arrows. They were generally held in high esteem as a strong cavalry force.

In the course of history the Nubians generally mingled and merged with the Egyptians during the pharaonic era. In fact a number of ancient pharaohs were of decent origin and their inheritance inevitably survived. These days there are still several Nubian communities scattered throughout the country. Many of these small villages have become very popular with tourists nowadays.

The Nubians of Elephantine Island
Elephantine Island is a popular destination between locals and tourists as it offers visitors an opportunity to take a break from the frantic city life of Aswan. Unlike the neighboring island of Kitchener visitors to Elephantine Island can stay on the island thanks to the many resorts and hotels making exploration of the island even more fun.

Visit the Nubian village
Nubian Village on the Elephantine IslandNubian Village Blue and White Houses with a Mosque in the Background Egypt.Egyptian Spaces Nubian Village
Although some travel guides talk about a single Nubian village on Elephantine Island there are actually two villages. The first Nubian village is the village of Siou and the second is called the village of Koti which cross the center of the island. The two villages are connected by a path and collectively they are the remains of three separate settlements.

Many Nubians that you find in one or other of the Nubian villages were moved here during the second half of the twentieth century while the construction of the Aswan High Dam was almost complete. The construction of the dam essentially meant that the Nubian communities had no choice but to move.

Today the Nubians on Elephantine Island live in the central part which lies between the ruins at one end and the modern luxury hotel at the other. Although some tourists find the contrast between the huts of the Nubian village and the luxury amenities a little disconcerting the Nubians themselves encourage travelers to walk along their garden paths and explore their villages.

A word of advice to those who decide to visit the Nubian village - bring a camera! These are some of the most colorful places you could visit. Mounds of spices are sold at a vendor\'s table small colorful dolls are made by another and tiny cafes with brightly colored plates and cups sell traditional Egyptian coffee. The Nubians are known for their kind and gentle manners and for their welcoming attitude.

If you are someone who likes to think outside the box you will not have to go far if you visit Elephantine Island and its Nubian villages. You can enjoy the rare sites that the historic places of the island offer you can visit the Aswan Museum and then you can enjoy a cup of tea and buy some truly adorable craft from the island\'s inhabitants.

Remember these are the remains of an ancient people and their music language and traditions offer you a rare glimpse of another world and even another era. Keep in mind that Western clothing may not be appropriate and women in particular should dress modestly.

Visit Egypt your way
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