Nuweiba Info

Nuweiba is on the eastern coast of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula 70 km south of Taba and 180 km north of Sharm el Sheikh and only 120 km from St. Catherine

Nuweiba means “bubbling springs” in Arabic. The 7-km long stretched settlement developed from a barren isolated place with no infrastructure into a promising and attractive tourist destination. Nuweiba was recently discovered by tourist investors establishing hotels along the coastline connecting it with Taba in the north and Dahab in the south.

The city is divided into three parts. From southward you'll find the port the city and Tarabin the Beduin camp and beach strip where most backpackers stay. Nuweiba city lacks a center but has a small strip of cheap restaurants an internet cafe and some souvenir shops. Along the beach in the city some resorts and more upscale camps are located.

To the north between Tarabin and Taba you'll find even more basic camps than you'll get in Tarabin. All these camps were struck hard by the lack of Israeli tourism after the Taba/Ras Shaitan bombings in 2004 and the later Sharm and Dahab bombs. The places that used to rely on Israeli visitors can seem almost dead and you have a high chance of solitude by the beach in this area.