Red Sea

The Red Sea got its name from the red mountains that are nearby. The water is crystal clear and here you will find one of the world's best diving spots with amazing coral reefs and rich wildlife. The sun shines 360 days a year making it a perfect winter destination. On the west side of the Red Sea is the coast of Africa and on the eastern side of Sinai. Sharm El Sheikh Sharm el Sheikh is located on Sinai turquoise. Sinai is a mountain lake and the coast flies right into the sea with its beautiful coral walls. The beaches are artificial with real sand that has been taken there and you often bath from floating harbors. The underwater life is amazing and coral and fish are located directly on the hotel's own beaches. You can make daily trips from Sharm el Sheikh by boat to Ras Mohamed National Park or go diving or snorkeling. The waterway around the National Park the southernmost part of Sinai offers amazing diving. Here are coral reefs and a rich sea life with for example dolphins rays sharks morans and lion sharks. There are also several wrecks from the 19th century and World War II including The Thistlegorm. The coast has variability and we recommend that you live in the less exploited areas around the main bay of Naama Bay.