Sahara Info


Sahara or the western desert is the desert of the deserts. It covers 2 8 million sq.m. and is one of the places in Egypt where you can walk for days without seeing any other person. In this ocean of sand there is five natural oasis’s Siwa Bahariya Farafra Dakhla and Kharga.


White and Black desert

Far out in the desert you will find the lovely oasis’s Bahariya and Farafra. Between these two is the White Desert which is the only pure white desert in the world with fantastic formations of white stone created by wind erosion. They are most beautiful at sunrise and sunset when the sun colors the white cup pink and orange or in the full moon when the site almost makes an arctic appearance. Most that comes here are breathtaking for its beauty. Around 20 km south of Bahariya you find black volcano-shaped mountains. This is the beginning of the Black Desert which was created through thousands of years when the winds erode the mountains and spread the nice black powder over the ground.


The Oasis’s

The oasis Bahariya is located about 330 km southwest of Cairo and covers 2000 sq.m. Farafra is the smallest one of the oasis’s and has about 2800 residents. Dakhla and Kharga are located further south and are much larger. Herodotus called this oasis’s “the islands of the happy ones” witch you can understand it felt like after days on the camel back in the huge sand ocean.


Siwa oasis

You can also visit the most northwest oasis Siwa where the Berber people live. They have been living here isolated from the rest of Egypt in hundreds of years and have their own language Siwi and they have their own culture. The oasis is located in a valley 9 m below sea level. Here is also The Great Sand Sea one of the world’s largest desert areas with flight dunes.