Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El-Sheikh Travel Guide
‎About Sharm El Sheikh the City of Peace ‎

In an unparalleled success compared to any other city in Egypt and maybe the whole ‎region Sharm El Sheikh received the award for the finest city in the world for peace and ‎beauty by the United Nations Educational Science ‎and Cultural Organization the UNESCO.

Sharm El Sheikh was granted this international recognition because of the role ‎the city played in establishing the principals of justice and comprehensive peace in ‎the area of the Middle East. ‎

Sharm El Sheikh has hosted many international peace conferences with the ‎participation of many parties with the presence of the former Egyptian president ‎Hosni Mubarak who made Sharm El Sheikh his favorite resort where he spent the ‎last days of his ruling period besides many of the well-known world leaders. ‎


The city has also witnessed many conferences and meetings between the ‎Israelis the Palestinians and the United States leaders settle the problems ‎between the two sides. ‎

Moreover after the signing of the Camp David Peace Agreement between Anwar El ‎Sadat the former President of Egypt and the Israeli authorities in 1978 Sharm El ‎Sheikh has guided all its political economic and touristic capabilities to support ‎peace in the whole region. ‎

On the other hand after Egypt regained control over the city of Sharm El Sheikh in ‎‎1982 the Egyptian authorities have given special attention to the city to make it one ‎of the most wonderful resort that has become famous all around the world with ‎tourists coming from Europe the United States and all the regions of the globe to ‎spend their holiday in the city of peace. ‎

About Sharm El Sheikh

The best holiday ever can be organized in Sharm El Sheikh. This is why numerous ‎travelers especially from Europe because of the short distance fly directly to the ‎Sharm El Sheikh International Airport to enjoy the fascinating time in one of ‎the finest resorts all over the globe. ‎

Sharm El Sheikh is considered to be among the most charming picturesque ‎destinations in the world with its great mountains that take the color of iron and ‎manganese forming breathtaking scenes.‎

This is beside the wonderful distinctive fauna and flora of Sharm El Sheikh that are ‎difficult to be found anywhere else in the world the finest underwater coral reefs ‎fish and colorful sea creatures the fine weather of the city have all qualified Sharm ‎to be one of the most favorite resorts in the world. ‎

Sharm El Sheikh according to the latest governmental statistics has been ranked as ‎number one among all the cities and regions in Egypt according to the number of ‎tourists\' arrivals and the number of nights they spend in the city. ‎

‎Moreover in the year 2000 the UNESCO chose Sharm El Sheikh among ‎‎14 000 cities from all over the world to be the best city of peace and charm. ‎

Sharm El Sheikh has a significant location situated at the southernmost section of ‎Sinai around 500 kilometers away from Cairo the Egyptian capital and positioned ‎in the place where the Suez Gulf and the Aqaba Gulf meet together with the Red Sea ‎to the South. ‎

Less than twenty years ago traveling to Sharm El Sheikh to have a dive in the ‎wonderful spots the city offers was a true adventure. The tourists had to camp in the ‎desert and walk for long distances to reach the sea. ‎

Today Sharm El Sheikh has the best world class hotels resorts facilities and ‎services making a holiday in the city quite a marvelous experience. There are ‎numerous diving center and travel agents in the city offering all sorts of tours and ‎diving lessons for experts beginners and for all ages. ‎

Surrounded by a circle of Desert Mountains and hills Sharm El Sheikh is protected ‎from the strong winds that come from the Northern section of Sinai. The city rises as ‎a star on a rocky spur that is divided into the bay of Sharm El Sheikh and the bay of ‎Sharm El Maya.‎

Among the most amazing characteristics in Sharm El Sheikh that is matchless any ‎other coastal cities in Egypt is that in the afternoon the guests will find plenty of ‎activities to do as there are a large number of restaurants internationally popular ‎bars discos shops cafes and all sorts of entertainment facilities making it a ‎wonderful spot for the youngsters and all the family members. ‎

However most definitely the most charming feature of the city of Sharm El Sheikh ‎is its wonderful beaches. The water of the sea is transparent and full of underwater ‎treasures and the sandy beaches are relaxing with numerous activities to be done ‎during the day like snorkeling diving windsurfing riding a boat riding a jet ski or ‎even just chilling around on the beach and enjoying the sun rays. ‎

The City of Sharm El Sh


The Naama Bay ‎

Among the best places to swim do some shopping and go for a wonderful outing at ‎night in Sharm El Sheikh is the famous Naama Bay the first section of Sharm El ‎Sheikh to be established and the most popular area of the city. ‎ The main touristic attractions in Sharm El Sheikh are located in the Naama Bay. The ‎word "Naama" in the Hebrew Language means the pleasant and this is the best ‎description to give to Naama Bay as it is a wonderfully pleasant place to be. ‎ A large number of the finest hotels shops discos restaurants cafes diving centers ‎and resorts are located in and around the Naama Bay in Sharm El Sheikh. ‎ This is beside a number of travel agents that organizes trips to destinations located ‎near Sharm El Sheikh like the Monastery of Saint Catharine the Blue Hall diving ‎spot near Dahab the Ras Abu Galum Protected Area the Colored Canyons and the ‎Protected Area of Ras Mohamed. ‎sharm Moreover many new wonderful resorts were established in Sharm El Sheikh ‎situated on the coastline from the Sharm El Sheikh Airport which offers daily ‎flights in many destinations in Egypt and other countries around the world to Nabq ‎and Ras Nasrani.‎ Hadaba of Om El Seed On the top of a high plateau the Hadaba of Om El Seed provides a new section of ‎enjoyment to the visitors and residences of Sharm El Sheikh. Many hotels different ‎sorts of accommodations offices and entertainment facilities are located in the ‎Hadaba of Om El Seed today.‎ sharm Hosting the post office and the telecommunication center of the city Hadaba Om El ‎Seed has many hotels today while others are still under construction. ‎ This section of the city hosts Alf Leila We Leila the famous restaurant and nightclub that offers a wonderful oriental show every day which includes a belly dancer a ‎Tanoora dance show and wonderful live oriental music.‎ Sharm El Maya ‎ The Bay of Sharm El Maya is under the authority of the Egyptian army and the ‎Multinational Forces and Observers which have resided in Sharm El Sheikh after the ‎signing of the Camp David Peace Agreement between Egypt and Israel in 1978 to ‎make sure both sides are abiding by the items mentioned in the agreement. ‎ However many private yachts and boat anchor here. The tourist can hire a boat for ‎a wonderful trip to view the magnificent coral reefs or to visit the National Protected ‎Area of Ras Mohamed which is among the most fabulous places to explore located ‎only 7 kilometers to the South of the city and offering wonderful snorkeling and ‎diving opportunities. ‎ The old market of Sharm El Sheikh is located in Sharm El Maya and it hosts a ‎number of hotels and numerous restaurants cafes and shops. The Old Market is the ‎best place for Shopping for souvenirs and gifts to take back home. ‎ The Coral Reefs of Sharm El Sheikh ‎ The coral reefs are the largest natural structures in the world and they are also ‎fragile highly productive ecosystems providing space shelter and food to thousands ‎of plants animals and fish. ‎ These coral reefs are actually the result of the remarkable interaction between the ‎coral animals that are called the polyps and the microscopic algae living in their ‎tissues. The polyps are able to feed themselves using its stinging cells and producing ‎plankton which forms the coral reefs together with carbon dioxide and their wastes ‎of oxygen and carbohydrates.‎ The coral reefs of Sharm El Sheikh with their stunning colors and shapes are ‎unparalleled all around the world. This is why divers from all regions visit Sharm El ‎Sheikh to enjoy admiring the magnificent undersea scenes that Sharm El Sheikh ‎offers. ‎ star The protectorate of Ras Mohamed elers to the official travel Egypt Travel Information Egypt Tour Operator Egypt Trips Egypt Vacation Egypt Travel Information Egypt Tour Operator Egypt Trips Egypt Vacation trust