Sinai is located in the border between Africa and Asia and has on several occasions been a strategic defense area. Between 1967-1973 the area was occupied by Israel but returned to Egypt through the Camp David Agreement. The landscape is very mountainous and here you will find minerals and gemstones. The majority of the population consists of beduins. In the middle of Sinai is the desert St-Katarina monastery where a number of Greek Orthodox monks live today. The monastery was built in the 400's BC. and contains beautiful paintings and mosaics. Here is also a chapel built next to the bush which according to legend was Moses's burning bushes. On the way to the chapel you can see impressive mountains Bedouin camps small oasis and even wild camels. Behind the monastery is the mountain Sinai which is holy for Christians Jews and Muslims. The mountain is 2285 meters tall and is the mountain that Moses must have received the ten commandments. Many of the most famous resorts in Egypt are located on Sinai. This is because the water around Sinai offers some of the world's best coral reefs. The southern point in Sinai is a protected national park called Ras Mohamed. Read more under the title of the Red Sea. Colored canyon Nature has created some of the world's most magnificent rock formations in the Sinai Mountains. A variation of sandstone limestone granite and stripes of basalt creates the most incredible colors in an otherwise untouched landscape. You can travel here from either Sharm el Sheik or Dahab.