Good to Know before your trip

Good to know before the trip


Tour leaders and guides: The tour leader is a very important reason for the trip to be a success. We have professional Swedish speaking tour leaders with great knowledge about the modern and pharaonic Egypt. Even our English speaking Egyptian local guides have 4 years of university education of professional guide business and Egypt’s past and present.


Number of participants: We have guaranteed departures with at least 2 people booked. On every Classic theme trips we have maximum 20 participants. Theme trips with 8-10 travelers have a Swedish speaking team leader who accompanying the whole trip in Egypt. Trips with 2-8 travelers have English speaking guides.


Hotel and Cruise ships: Our hotels are among the best in Egypt and have the highest local standard. We often try to hire the classic well known hotels with a scent of past times and exciting interiors. The cruise ships we hire are all of equivalent standard and classifies as 5* deluxe from the Egyptian state. They are modern and selected with great care to provide our passengers maximum comfort and pleasure. All ships are of the same size and take only about 140 passengers. Most of the food is served as buffet. All cabins are like small hotel rooms with its own bathroom and panorama window. The ships are full of air conditioners and provide pool on sundeck.


Trips: All the trips take place in buss with air conditioner and entrance fees is always included.


Meals: Our classic trips except Korall offer full board. The special trips regards to the information on each trip and day-to-day program. Meals that are stated in the day-to-day program is included and marked as following (B=Breakfast. L=Lunch. D=Dinner)


Tip: Tip is a part of the payroll system in Egypt and is calculated to around 50 EGP/day. We have included most of the tip in the classic trips but according to international praxis the traveler should pay himself to the staff on the cruise ship and to the guide on spot in Egypt. On remaining trips it is shown in the price list if tip is included or not.


Connection: We offer possible connecting flight from various locations in Sweden. We cannot however guarantee that you will have time take the connecting flight on the same day and if that occurs accommodation will be done at own expense.

 Children: Children under 2 years is traveling for infant-price and then sit in their parents lap during flights and is not provided their own bed in hotels. If it is available it’s possible to book a baby crib at no charge. Children under 12 years are traveling for children price. The prices appear in the pricelist.


Visa: Visa to Egypt is included in all of our classic trips. On other trips it follows from the information in the pricelist. In cases where visas are included it will be handheld upon arrival in Egypt otherwise you can buy it yourself at arrival. If the traveler has another nationality than EU citizens or originates from another country it is the traveler itself who have the responsibility to control with the embassy what applies and if necessary make a visa application.


Christmas and New Year’s trips: On the classic trips includes a required Christmas and new year´s dinner. In other trips and additional weeks it will be added.


If something happens: Our Company has a well measured plan of action developed by contact with SOS International and UD in case of emergency. We recommend that you look over your travel insurance before your trip.


Travel conditions: Travel conditions can be found on our website or can be ordered from us. They are also sent with the confirmation on the booked trip. Read before you pay your registration fee.


How to book a trip: Reservation of a trip can be made through our online booking system at info@twitteregypttravel.comor through a phone call to our customer service at +(2012) 23568281 .


Payment conditions: Payment conditions appear in our pricelist and our Special Travel conditions on our website or can be ordered from us. You can also contact our customer service for current information.


How to pay your trip: Payment takes place via online payment system on our website or via Plusgiro 374114-7 or Bankgiro 5303-9475. We accept MasterCard Visa and Euro card.


Name: At registration the name should be correctly spelled according to passport first name and one surname. This is because the airline controls the name in the passport with the name of the ticket at check-in. Name change (even spelling) costs 500 SEK as from the booking confirmation is sent out (airline fees).


Cancellation insurance: Can be booked if the traveler wishes to. It protects you from cancellation costs according to the travel conditions. Ordered cancellation insurance cannot be taken away or added afterwards. Always control if you have cancellation insurance in your home insurance or bank card to avoid double charges. Price for cancellation insurance appears in the pricelist and in Special travel conditions.


Passport: The passport has to be guilty six months from departure.


 Insurances: We recommend that you have a satisfactory insurance cover before your trip in case of e.g. hospital care. Check what kind of cover you have in eventual home insurance/bank card and arrange any necessary additional insurance in good time before departure.


Changes in the program: In Egypt it’s possible that for instance cruise ships and sights changes their opening hours and programs without prior notice. Also the water level in the Nile and other occasional factors causes us to change how the program will be performed. For that reason we have to reserve the right to make changes in the programs. In Egypt the Hotels are sometime overbooked and therefore we reserve the right to change Hotel and cruise ship to another with the equivalent standard. Information about overbooking is usually announced shortly before check-in and it’s because of this that you may not always have time to get that information before departure. If a sandstorm prevailing in the area south of Aswan and the trip to Abu Simbel is cancelled this will be replaced with trips in Aswan. This is however very unusual.


Delays: All airlines get delayed once in a while from different reasons. You cannot expect to receive compensation a missed connection taxi rides upon returning home or for spending nights at Hotels. We recommend that you have a satisfactory insurance cover who gives compensation at these events. Avoid arranging important events close to the trip start or end. Before you travel you should ask the one who will pickup you at your arrival back home to contact current airport for information about current time of arrival. Phone number is displayed on the travel plan.


You should adopt the custom where you are: In Egypt the culture deferens from our own. They have different lifestyles and priorities. For example the Egyptians do not consider that it’s very important to be in time. We are continuously doing everything we can to avoid any distraction during trips but if it does happen we are hoping for a positive attitude and that it is seen as a new and interesting experience.


Electricity: 220 volts. The same plug as in Sweden otherwise there is adapter to borrow at the hotels.


Cellular phone: GSM network is working in all Egypt even SMS. Several operators is available. The price for various services varies widely. Contact your operator in Sweden before your departure for current information.


Vaccinations: In addition to basic insurance protection against hepatitis A is recommended (for example gammaglobulin or Havrix) and ETEC-diarrhea (Dukoral). Contact your vaccination central for more information.


Travel pharmacy: Yogurt tablets temporary tourist diarrhea protection sunscreen lotion. Everything can be bought in the pharmacy. Our tour leaders always have a smaller travel pharmacy with them.


Clothing/equipment: Baby wipes camera telescope sunglasses head covering as protection of the hot sun at midday’s a warm sweater for chilly evenings airy and covering clothes for protection of the sun and also swimwear. Egypt is a Muslim country and you should therefore not wear too short shorts or too challenging clothes in the cities. On the beach resorts and at the pools you can use normal swimwear.


Shopping: Clothes shoes gold and jewelry crafts papyrus paintings silk carpets wall hangings alabaster. Never buy anything that is claimed to be archaeological goods.


Security: Egypt is a friendly country with friendly people and robberies are very rare. However always think about locking in valuables in the room or in the hotels safe box or in your lockable suitcase.


Currency: Egyptian pound (shortening EGP or LE). Bring Euro and US Dollar. A small amount Egyptian pound can be bought at exchange office in Sweden. VISA and MasterCard can be used at some places also in ATM in the larger cities. The rules for what kind of currency that can be used in different situations can be changed at short notice.


Time difference: + 1 hour most of the year.


Food and drinks: Egyptian food is mildly spiced. The county has a bacterial flora that our stomachs are not accustomed to. Always have in mind that you during the day have held in bank notes and coins door handles handrails and more. For that reason wash your hands often especially before you eat. Baby wipes is always good to bring along. We eat at restaurants with controlled kitchens but you should avoid fresh vegetables cold sauces ice cream and ice made from tap water. Scale all the fruit. Eat yogurt tablets a few days before departure and through the whole trip. Drink vaccine Dukoral which can be bought at the vaccination centre protect from some bacteria’s that causes tourist diarrhea.